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 Chilicon Microinverters

Chilicon CP-250E

General Features

25 year standard warranty
60-cell and 72-cell module compatibility with same device (CP-250E)
240Vac and 208Vac
Conforms to UL1741, IEEE std 1547, IEEE std C62.41.2, CSA C22.2 NO. 107.1 & CISPR 22 Class B
Designed and manufactured in California, USA

Technical Overview

Efficiency: 96% CEC, 96.6% Peak
Output Power: 285W Max (Ext. Range Enable)
Recommended max input power: 330W
Reliability by design
No electrolytics
Thermal management without potting
Robust and secure adaptive rate communication
On-line switching optimization
Wide-band harmonic suppression
MPPT Range: 22 – 38.5V
Remote firmware upgrade
Reactive Power from 85% leading to 85% lagging


Chilicon Power CP-250E inverter performance leads the industry with sustained power production of 285 watts AC which provides well scaled output power compatibility for 60-cell and 72-cell modules up to 330W DC STC. The CP-250E has extended input voltage range and supports 72-cell (CP-250E) modules. Grid-interactive conversion occurs with a CEC rating of 96% with peak efficiency of 96.6%. The inverters are Rule-21 compliant and can provide reactive power on demand.
Reliability is provided through design that has all components rated to at least 200,000 hours service lifespan (or about 50 years of operating time). Firmware provides high frequency grid monitoring to ensure safe operation during any anomalous events. Surge protection to 6000Vac is integrated and the inverter enclosure and inputs are galvanically isolated from the grid connection to provide the ultimate safety barrier.
Magnetic component optimization and on-line adaptive switching techniques maximize efficiency and reduce cost. Chilicon inverters have been designed ground-up to provide reliability, efficiency, and lean construction to provide customers with the best possible inverter solution for their power generation project.
The Power Line Communication (PLC) technology was developed from the ground up and offers the best robustness of any PLC system, vastly superior to the competition. It is so robust that the Gateway can be installed anywhere in the house. This saves on installation costs.