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Hemet: Solar Installations w/No $ Down!

Solar installations offer many benefits to homeowners, and it’s never been easier to make the move. The cost of solar has been driven down by industry competition, and private and public investment in clean energy means it’s easy for Hemet residents to find financing with favorable terms. We work directly with The Client to get them the best financing available and always make sure the terms of your lease or PPA are exactly what you need. And…

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One of the great things about solar is the methods available for monitoring and adjusting the energy you use, and you’ll have mobile control of your system via your new iPad mini!

Get a quick no-obligation quote – learn about your financing options, get an estimated monthly savings, and find out just how easy it is to go solar.

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Since 1999, DEC Solar has cornered the marketplace with innovative and breakthrough energy solutions for homeowners and business owners in Hemet and across Southern California looking for efficient and cost effective solutions to cut their energy bills and increase net wealth. We are recognized and respected in the industry as a leader in Energy Management Solutions.

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Customer-Focused Energy Solutions.

Proffesional HemetSolar Installation & Energy Solutions – built & designed to your exact needs!

Hemet solar installation and clean energy solutions

To provide Hemet solar customers with cost effective and value-engineered renewable energy solutions and reduce America’s dependence on traditional energy sources.

Our main focus is customer satisfaction. Extremely competitive prices are only the beginning of the DEC Solar experience. Our highly experienced staff deliver real solutions that match the end users’ real needs. While some solar companies get by with under-educated sales reps and canvassers, our company is made up completely of true solar energy professionals. People with years of experience in system design, installation, and all the technicalities that go along with it. You’ll know you’re getting a system that’s professionally designed, installed, and bakced by the best warranty in the solar industry.

DEC Solar Our Energy Management Experts are licensed, certified and armed with the ability to deliver real solutions that match the end users’ real needs. Why? Because it’s the least we can do.

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The DEC Solar Difference


  • Free online energy monitoring package – New iPad mini included!
  • 25 year worry-free warranty
  • 25 year equipment insurance coverage
  • 25 money-back energy production gauruntee
  • Installing the most efficient equipment and components gets you maximum savings
  • Quick, painless installation process – the fastest in the industry


With your help, we hope to ensure a cleaner environment by reducing the human ecological footprint. Using proven technologies, value engineered designs, and professional installation procedures, we facilitate the transition to clean energy for residential and business customers.

Hemet Solar Financing Opportunities

A solar installation is a big-ticket upgrade, but for residents of Southern California and Hemet, the cost can be offset through unique financing and rebate opportunities. The price per watt of solar power has fallen continously over the last decade – and solar has officially found it’s place as an affordable and worthwhile solution for homeowners.

Hemet solar installation free consultations

If you’re considering a Hemet solar installation, you have many flexible funding options available. Some from public/government, some from private investment, and some in the form of traditional leases and power purchase agreements (PPA’s). Here’s a little more info about the specific ways Hemet residents can finance their solar installations –

Exclusive Solar Financing Through the Riverside County HERO Program.

The Riverside HERO program is a unique “property assessed” finance opportunity only available to residents of Riverside County. Residents with at least 10% equity in their homes can finance their Hemet solar installation and pay nothing up front. Learn More…

Favorable Solar Lease and PPA Opportunities.

There are also options for tradtional leasing and Power Purchase Agreements (ppa’s). We work with directly with the client to get you a favorable lease or PPA. Learn More…

Federal Rebates and State Tax Exclusions.

Hemet’s an ideal environment for Solar energy – not just because of the sunshine, but because California leads the nation in Solar rebate incentives and opportunities. Get tax breaks and credits, rebates, usage-based incentives, and more! Learn More..

The California Solar Incentive

The California Solar Incentive (CSI) can help you offset the cost of your Hemet solar installation. This production and usage-based incentive pays you back based on the energy you produce and use at home. Learn More…

Learn About Photovoltaic Solar Technology!

Solar – AKA “photvoltaic” – technology is being adopted at a rapid rate by Hemet home and property owners. The entire state is in a movement to power local neighborhoods with clean energy, and we’re here to make the entire process as simple and pleasant as possible.

Learn about solar technology, and what makes it such a positive solution – for homeowners, business owners, and the entire planet!


Hemet Solar Installation – Going Solar in Hemet

Homeowners and business owners alike are beginning to see why solar is so important in Hemet CA. Hemet gets well over 250 days of direct sunlight per year. If you’re not using a solar system already you’re letting all of that powerful sunlight go to waste . If you harness that direct sunlight using one of our solar energy systems you can dramatically reduce your energy spending by more than half. It can get very hot throughout the year and that’s why most people run their air conditioning units constantly. The energy you would save by installing a DEC solar panel solution is around 56% off your monthly bills on energy. There are many reasons why Hemet residence are making the move to solar and it’s not only to save money, below are a few of the listed items and reasons why people choose to go solar in Hemet California.


Hemet Solar Installation – Free Energy

The sun is a one stop shop for free energy ! Depending on what type of solar panels you have your utility companies may be paying you for the overages in electricity. More and more residents have come to this conclusion and, they now know that solar energy systems allow them to capture this free sunlight which converts into resources which they can readily use on demand.


 Hemet Solar Installation – Helping The Environment

Solar panels and solar energy not only reduce your monthly bill for cooling and heating but, it has absolutely no impact on the environment. You’re actually helping by reducing your carbon footprint with clean energy . Recent studies have shown that electricity generated by power plants produces very toxic carbon dioxide. If you want to do your part to help the environment call DEC’s solar and have them install solar panels or a solar energy solution for you, that fits your budget. We have zero money down plans, and financing options available to you as well.


Hemet Solar Installation – Infinitely Renewable

There are many different types of non renewable energy sources that are currently being used such as coal, gas, and oil are becoming increasingly scarce and the costs are always increasing. However, the sun’s energy and limitless. When the sun shines directly on your home onto your solar panels you can rest assured you are saving money while helping the environment. Hemet is a prime piece of real estate when it comes to sun, the sun beats down here every single day and you should be using it to put energy into your panels and money back into your pocket. An added feature of solar is in most cases when the power goes out the sun will generate in a lot of energy to your solar panels to power your home. This will keep you at ease in what could be chaos in other homes. Lucky for you,  your clean energy solution in the panels you have installed by DEC solar will keep your family comfortable and cool during what could be a crisis situation.


Hemet Solar Installation- Utility Cost Reduction

Having a sustainable energy solution installed by DEC Solar to your house in Hemet means that you’ll use less electricity from utility companies or other energy sources that you’re using to keep your your home cool. Solar energy will give you the ability to greatly cut your heating and cooling costs by more than half. Consider this, 56% of energy used in a typical home in Hemet comes from heating and cooling, that’s a lot. Call John at DEC Solar now to find out how much money you can save on a monthly or yearly basis.


Hemet Solar Installation- Increasing your homes resale value

Investing in our solar panels from DEC solar will greatly improve the resale value of your home in Hemet. Thanks to there ability to lower the cost of heating and cooling. In the past two years  surveys conducted by California and by the U.S. Dept of housing and urban development show that home values on average rise $5-$20,000 dollars once a solar system has been installed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra $5 -$10,000 dollars towards you next down payment or $5- $10,000 because you made the right choice to go solar.




Hemet Solar installation