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SMA Micro Inverters


SMA Sunny Boy 240-US*, 240 Watt Micro inverter

SMA’s Sunny Boy micro inverter system enhances design flexibility for installers in the U.S. and across the globe. It features simple installation, an innovative communications platform and superior reliability, and is especially applicable for residential systems and systems with complex shadowing situations.

Among the Sunny Boy micro inverter system’s ground-breaking innovations is its ability to monitor via the Sunny Portal with the existing Sunny Boy inverter line, making string/micro hybrid installations a reality. Hybrid installations have the potential to minimize installation costs while maximizing energy harvest.

  • -40 to +149 F operating range
  • Superior thermal design concept
  • Extensive lab and field testing
  • German engineered, assembled in the USA for unmatched quality


  • Ideal for Sunny Boy hybrid string/micro installations
  • AC Connector: turnkey cables, including plugs
  • DC Connector: MC4, MC3, Tyco, SUNCLIX


  • Simplified design enhances long-term reliability
  • SMA stability ensures full warranty security
  • Private band powerline for highly reliable communications


  • Module-level, real-time monitoring through Sunny Portal—the world’s largest PV monitoring platform

SUNNY BOY 9000TL-US / 10000TL-US / 11000TL-US


With peak efficiencies of 98.3%, the transformerless Sunny Boy TL-US provide their owners with high yields. The power classes, finely tiered from 9 kW to 11kW, are ideal for designing mid-size solar power plants with precision. Its reduces weight, together with its security features, make our Sunny Boy the ideal inverter.


  • First transformerless SMA inverter to be certified in accordance with UL 1741 with safety standards from IEC 62109
  • First inverter with arc-fault circuit interrupter listed according to UL1699B


  • Maximum efficiency of 98.3%
  • The best MPP tracking efficiency with OptiTrac MPP tracking
  • Transformerless, with H5 topology
  • OptiCool active temperature management


  • Integrated DC switch-disconnector
  • SMA Power Balancer for threephase grid connection
  • With arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI)