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Our Solar PV Installation Process

How we will exceed your expectations

We specialize in residential Solar PV Installations in Southern California! With over 500 Solar PV Installations, we have the expertise to ensure that your investment in renewable energy is safe and secure. You can count on DEC Solar to guide you on your journey towards energy independence.

1. Begin Your Solar Journey

First you’ll meet with one of our knowledgeable solar energy consultants who will walk you through every step of the process to make it as seamless as possible. You’ll get a free energy evaluation and a solar proposal that’s personalized according to your needs. Factors such as your energy needs, expected cost savings, and financing options will be discussed. We will answer any and all questions to your satisfaction. Going solar is a big step and we are here to make it as stress-free as possible while guiding you along the way.

2. Site Survey

We’ll have engineers take precise measurements of your roof, roof thickness, slope angles, locations of vents and chimneys, etc. This will ensure that the design of your solar system will operate at optimal levels.

3. Design

CAD drawings will be created for jurisdictional permitting and HOA architectural review (If necessary). String and wire sizing, electric code and module layouts, and everything else that is important to the functioning of your solar system will be incorporated into the drawings.

4. Approvals

Once you have given approval for your design, it will be submitted to your city or county along with any necessary permits. These designs must be completed before any installation of solar panels takes place. This process could take up to two or three weeks.

5. Solar PV Installation

After all approvals are completed our solar team will install your Solar PV System. The expected time of completion is usually between 1-3 days.

6. Financing

If a homeowner applies for a lease then they must be approved prior to moving forward with jurisdictional and utility inspections for solar power.

7. Inspections

Inspections will confirm that your solar system meets all building code requirements. You will have to fill out a Net Energy Monitoring application. Our staff will assist with this process and provide accurate answers to technical questions asked. Upon completion of this application, a city representative conducts a system inspection and informs the local utility that your system is ready for operation.

8. Utility Approval

The best part of your installation process is after your inspections from the city and utility being approved. You will be granted permission from your utility to produce clean and renewable solar power! Congratulations! You are now producing renewable clean energy! You are part of the Solar Revolution!