Why solar? 2017-05-19T22:10:30+00:00

Why you want to go solar now?

Benefits of Solar

Totally Silent

Solar cells are totally silent. They can extract energy from the sun without making any noise.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a renewable, sustainable resource. Oil, on the other hand, is not renewable or sustainable. Once it is gone, it is gone.

Cost-effective Energy

Although solar panels may be expensive to buy at the onset, you can save money in the long run. After all, you do not have to pay for energy from the sun. On the other hand, we are all aware of the rising cost of oil.

Non-polluting Energy

Solar energy is non-polluting. Of all the advantages of solar energy over those of oil, this is, perhaps, the most important. The burning of oil releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and carcinogens into the air.